Give yourself a few minutes each day to, Stop and Look around you.

Allow your senses to take memorable images of what is in front of you and allow yourself to IMAGINE!

Let your mind create a wonderful story about what you see, hear and feel.

Nature has a way of healing the soul.  YOU are in control all YOU have to do is STOP, LISTEN, LOOK and let your mind take you to places you never imagined existed.

For YOU are the only one that can truly see, hear and feel what is inside YOU.

Be blessed that you have the power to alter what is in front of you and turn it into something truly wonderful.




New Beginnings

Today, sit quietly somewhere warm let the sun shine on you, as you do take a deep breath in, close your eyes and as you breath out completely, totally relax your body into the chair your sitting in. Focus all your positive energy inward and drink in the warm air and let it resonate around your body, completely, silently and calmly. Allow your mind to drift give yourself permission to let go of any negative thoughts, feelings and tension. Drink in the colours, sensations and complete peace.

For today is the beginning of a new you.

Life as we know it is too short. Give yourself permission to take time out and love yourself from the inside, give yourself a hug, wrap your arms around your shoulders while you let your unconscious mind take care of you.

YOU are worth it, never let anyone tell you differently.