Time to do something about the State we are in….

When you think things are tough….look around you…others are doing it tougher than you…get off your bum and do something that will really make a difference…..To all the politicians in the South Australian Government….. you really need to actually get a grip on what’s NOT happening in this beautiful city. So many people are trying hard to stay positive but for some reason, someone who is so out of touch with reality keeps making some very ridiculous comments that frankly don’t help anyone at all…..People WANT to work and feel worthy…Get out and actually speak to people and not hide behind facts that are outdated and frankly incorrect…….

Bullying Women!

Bullying Women in the Workplace! – Discussion Forum Limited Spaces!

Have you been bullied in the workplace?

  • Find it difficult to talk about because it was a women and not a man?
  • Feel like you are being targeted?
  • Ever been made to look like a fool in meetings?
  • When does feedback turn into outright bullying?
  • What are some of the common tale, tale signs you are being bullied?

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