Bullying Women!

Bullying Women in the Workplace! – Discussion Forum Limited Spaces!

Have you been bullied in the workplace?

  • Find it difficult to talk about because it was a women and not a man?
  • Feel like you are being targeted?
  • Ever been made to look like a fool in meetings?
  • When does feedback turn into outright bullying?
  • What are some of the common tale, tale signs you are being bullied?

Join me in a safe secure environment where we will share and discuss the impact’s a female bully has on people in the workplace.

Information gathered from these small group sessions will greatly assist me in developing a workshop specifically aimed at managing and learning new strategies to deal with potential female bullying in the workplace. Call to find out more.

Maximum group size per session 8 people. To find out more.  Register your interest at Jackie@jackiegnlp.com.au 

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