Jackie has been mentoring, coaching, training and developing programs and courses for individuals and businesses since 1997. She has trained, promoted and worked side by side world leaders and co-creators of NLP and Hypnotherapy and is a certified NLP Trainer Classic & New Code, has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapist, qualified trainer and coach.

After decades in private practice travelling working with individuals,  large and small business across Banking & Finance, IT, Federal and State Government, NFP’s, FMCG and Pharmacy and continually enhancing her own learnings she is now based in Adelaide.

Trading as Jackie G NLP ‘ The Walking Mentor’ sharing her knowledge and skills and continually providing global standards of NLP training and coaching for businesses and individuals with a core focus on the humans in small to medium enterprises, entrepreneurial start ups, women in business and individuals.

Best known for her sense of humour, infectious smile and fun attitude she motivates others and influences shifts and changes by utilizing essential tools and methodologies that help develop and prepare people in this ever-changing world by preparing them for change into the future.

She is extremely passionate about working with people assisting them to unpack mental blocks, un-resourceful processes and patterns to improve productivity and performance in all facets of a persons life business or personal. Enabling them to achieve outstanding success through coaching, mentoring and training.

She teaches and assists you to,

‘Create Dynamic Change’ by enabling you to ‘Learn from the Past, Create your Future and Live in the NOW©’.

So what are you waiting for!  

Do you really want to change unwanted patterns and behaviours that are holding you back!  Then reach out to me to discuss how we can work together while I provide you with tools and skills that will stay with you forever.

Contact me: Jackie@grgroup.com.au or Jackie@jackiegnlp.com.au or Mobile: 0414 398 072

GR Group Consulting A.B.N 74 081 021 061

Jackie G NLP A.B.N 71 695 866 112