The Walking Mentor

The walking mentor sessions assist the challenging needs of individuals who are time poor, often desk bound, seeking motivation, guidance or just someone to talk to.

I have been successfully mentoring men and women in business for many years.  I understand the frustrations often associated with being office bound and the need to move and be more active.  We all know the importance of stretching and getting out of your chair and moving around but we seldom do it.  If you are wanting to tap into your creativity, have a trusted advisor to bounce off your thoughts, ideas or simply to just listen to you. Then let me walk with you while together we develop and discover new, fun ways for you to succeed.

Contact Jackie to arrange a booking: 0414 398 072 


Give yourself a few minutes each day to, Stop and Look around you.

Allow your senses to take memorable images of what is in front of you and allow yourself to IMAGINE!

Let your mind create a wonderful story about what you see, hear and feel.

Nature has a way of healing the soul.  YOU are in control all YOU have to do is STOP, LISTEN, LOOK and let your mind take you to places you never imagined existed.

For YOU are the only one that can truly see, hear and feel what is inside YOU.

Be blessed that you have the power to alter what is in front of you and turn it into something truly wonderful.